I truly admire the raw humor he drives through his personal projects, and I often find myself lost in the delicate designs at his professional works!

I asked my talented friend Antonis some complex questions around internet & social media through a Graphic Designer’s perspective. Check out what he replied!

Thanos Chatzitsakos

You prefer working on projects for the Screen (like web design)
or Paper (like illustrated books)? and why.

I prefer print projects. Physical objects have value. Unique textures and colors.
And by the time they get printed, they cannot be modified.
Even mistakes make them special.

What do you think about social media and online portfolios today?
Do you have a favorite platform?
One you hate but you “have to” use it nevertheless?

Social media are the cheapest and most efficient way to promote your work as well as a great source of inspiration.
My personal favorite is Instagram. An image oriented platform, perfect fit for designers and artists.
My less favorite is Linkedin which is mostly consisted of boring resumes.