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My Latest Photos

Here you can view few of my latest photos.
So you can have an early peek on works-in-progress, until the whole project will be ready and posted at the Portfolio section.

Detail shots

Creative Photography Video

PhotoBook 2018

For limited time only!

Home Studio

Studio apartment
White, Gray or Black background
Professional Lights Setup
1 hour session
Up to 3 outfits
5 photos for Mastering
Retouching - Color correction - Sharpening

Outdoors Session

Pick a location around Athens
Up to 4 diferent backgrounds
Guidance into Posing
2 hour Session
Up to 2 outfits
10 photos for Mastering
Retouching - Color correction - Sharpening

Concept / Directed

Price Upon Discussion
We can set up a concept according to your budget
Makeup artist
Hair stylist
Drone footage

Projects & PhotoStories

A Little About Me

ThanosPhotos is my photography portfolio, i am Thanos Chatzitsakos and i use this site to present my professional work and my personal projects as a photographer.
I am a Web & Graphic Designer from Greece.

I love runing photography projects like the ones you ll be seeing here. I try my best to be creative and work with what i got.

I have a large net of friends and coworkers on similar fields like Photographers, Videographers, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists, Models, Graphic Designers ect.

Feel free to find me on Facebook/Instagram or send me an e-mail if you have anything you want to ask me!
Thank you for taking the time and looking into my work, it really means allot to me.

  • Photoshop 90%

  • Adobe Photoshop Raw95%

  • Lightroom 85%

  • Motion Video 85%

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